Turn Fitness Battle Scars into Badges of Honor

Posted On Oct 17, 2016 By Rachel Weingarten

Turn Fitness Battles Scars into Badges of Honor

I tend to be pretty clumsy, so at any given moment might accidentally kick myself in the ankles with my cute new boots, or trip over my very chic wide-legged pants. But like weekend warriors showing off fitness battle scars, I notice that I'm proudest of the ones achieved when doing something cool.

See that big black and blue mark? I was slow swinging a brand new kettlebell and it slipped and hit my shin – but I kept on going. Or some such impressive feat.

The next time that you contemplate something un-fun, try to give yourself a reason to smile in the process:

  1. Cute Band-Aids: If you've scraped your ankle while training for a triathlon, don't try to hide the damage, wear that bump like a badge of honor. I've taken to decorating my scraped bits with superhero band aids which make me feel less like a dork and more like an everyday hero.
  2. Stylish, Comfy Shoes: A few years back I broke two toes. A few months after that- I broke my big toe. I bedazzled a walking stick with Swarovski crystals and embraced my temporary handicap instead of trying to hide it. Needless to say, after nearly a year of hobbling around, I no longer wear high heels of any kind. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I try to find the cutest and most comfortable shoes possible from brands like Alegria, Vionic and Clarks, because comfortable doesn't have to mean ugly.

Whatever your injury, be it temporary or something with longer-term complications, it doesn't have to necessarily change your outlook or the way you present yourself to the world. At worst, you'll find a way to cheer yourself up on a daily basis; at best, you'll encourage others to appreciate the hard work that goes into appearing to live an effortlessly perfect life and encourage dialogue about training, injuries and simply accepting the you that you are right here and now.

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