Pro Workout - Basic Agility

Posted On Sep 17, 2014 By Tim Arndt, Resistance Training Specialist

Pro Workout - Basic Agility

If you're like me you, watch a lot of football on the weekends. If you wish that you could be as agile as the players you're watching, you're also like me. There are a lot of great athletes in the game today, but I still think of the great Barry Sanders when I think of the most agile athletes of all time.

How do pro athletes become so agile? Unfortunately, much of it has to do with genetics, but this doesn't mean we can't integrate these exercises into our own routines. You might of think of big weights when you think of a pro athlete's training regimen, but agility drills are different. Agility is the ability to change direction with minimal loss of speed, and agility drills require a combination of coordination, power, strength and balance.

In fact, many agility drills are simple footwork drills that are based around a ladder and these can be done almost anywhere. You'll only need some string, rope, exercise bands or even chalk to layout the grid or ladder.

Here are 3 simple ladder drills you can do at home to increase your weekend warrior prowess and add a little fun to your normal routine.

  1. In-Out Drill: Start by facing the ladder. Hop in the first square with both feet, then quickly hop to the next square but land with your feet outside the squares. Repeat until the end of the ladder.
  2. Lateral Foot Drill: Start with both feet outside the first square and to the left. Hop in the first square with both feet then outside the first square to the right. Now hop in the second square and out. Repeat until the end of the ladder.
  3. Front to Back Speed Hop: Start on the side of the ladder at the first square. Quickly hop with both feet in and then bounce back out and land in front of the second square and repeat until the end of the ladder.

Whether you actively play sports or just want to have a little bit more fun during your next workout, add in this simple workout 3-4 times per week to your normal routine and shake your friends and family out of their shoes at the next Turkey Day Bowl!