Back To School Bodyweight Workout

Posted On Aug 29, 2017 By Tom Holland

Back To School Bodyweight Workout

If you're like me, you spent most of your active time outdoors the past few months. Biking, running, hiking, tennis, stand-up paddle boarding, you name it – There is nothing better than taking your workouts outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer. It's one thing that makes summer so special.

Yet it's sad but true: Summer is slowly coming to an end. The days are getting shorter, the temperature is cooling down and, yes, the kids are going back to school. (Hooray!) With the change in seasons comes the inevitable change in workouts. It's all part of the process.

Although difficult at times, change is good, especially when it comes to our fitness programs. It's what keeps our bodies from plateauing and our minds fresh. As the seasons change, so should our workouts.

In a previous article I wrote about the importance of strength training, outlining numerous reasons why it's so valuable. One of the main benefits is that it allows you to enjoy your activities of daily living to their fullest, and that includes all of the summer outdoor fun and recreation. Strength training helps prevent injuries. It allows you to play your sports longer and better. So, if you truly want to maximize your summer enjoyment, you need to strength train. That work starts in the "off-season," which coincides with the end of summer and back-to-school time.

If you're like most people you strength train less during the warmer months. You'd rather be working out and being active outside than lifting weights in a dark gym or even at home. That's perfectly fine. But, when the kids go back to school, it's time for you to get back to the strength training.

Just like professional athletes, you want to start back slowly after taking time off. You should begin with short, simple workouts togradually build back up your base of strength. This prepares your body for the more challenging workouts to come during the colder months, when you will most likely focus more on your strength training program. Back-to-school is also a perfect time for these shorter workouts, as your schedule will most likely be hectic and your free time at a minimum as your get back into the swing of things.

So keep it simple. Get in what you can, when you can. Three minutes here, five minutes there. It all adds up.

Here is a simple yet effective Back-to-School Bodyweight Circuit. In just three moves you'll work your upper body, lower body and core:

  1. 30 seconds of push-ups
  2. 30 seconds of squats
  3. 30 seconds of the plank

Do this circuit 6 times through for a head-to-toe toning workout that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. You can do it anytime – Before your kids wake up, while you're waiting for them at the bus stop, or right after you put them to bed.

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