Andy's Story: Learning to Live a Fit Life, Despite Challenges

Posted On Feb 16, 2016 By BowFlex Insider Team

Andy's Story: Learning to Live a Fit Life, Despite Challenges

Committing to a healthy lifestyle is a challenge for everyone. But between eating healthy, staying active and managing medication, that challenge is even more of a reality for those with existing medical conditions, such as diabetes. Andy McGuinn, 58, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 12.

Determined to live the best life possible, Andy took his health and fitness into his own hands. While taking insulin shots, he was able to manage his diabetes. He used weightlifting to stay in shape, but Andy knew he was only working out certain parts of his body. He found that running was hard on his body, and his condition limited the things he could do.

After seeing a commercial for the BowFlex Max Trainer® M5, Andy received a wakeup call. He realized that he needed to add cardio conditioning - specifically interval training. The problem? Andy had little experience with that type of conditioning, but he was determined to learn more. Exploring interval training at home at his own pace seemed like the best option. He knew this was something he wanted to try at home.

So Andy purchased the BowFlex Max Trainer® and quickly integrated it into his daily life to create a routine: wake up 30 minutes early, workout on the Max Trainer® for 14 minutes and then go to work. He found that cardio improved his health in ways weight lifting couldn't.

"Interval training keeps me energized throughout my day. I feel super, and my blood pressure is now perfect," Andy said.

Today, Andy is in better shape than most people half his age. He continues to use his Max Trainer five times a week and lifts weights three times a week.

He uses fitness as a way to set an example for his two kids and improve his quality of life. "In life, you get what you put into it," Andy reminds us. "The beauty of fitness is that you don't have to put much in to get a whole lot back. A 14-minute workout gives you a couple of days back. It works like that."