7 Different Lunges to Tone Your Legs

Posted On Jun 16, 2016 By Tom Holland

7 Different Lunges to Tone Your Legs

It's really quite simple: I love lunges. They are a natural movement, they strengthen and tone in a functional manner, you can do them anywhere, you can modify them to fit your fitness level, and there are a seemingly infinite number of ways you can do them.

Here are seven different lunge variations, in increasing order of difficulty. To add even more intensity you can choose to hold a pair of BowFlex SelectTech dumbbells. Be sure to choose appropriate weight and maintain proper form throughout the entire range of motion:

Lunges are often labeled as "bad" exercises for your knees which makes little sense to me – You are lunging all day long during your activities of daily living. The focus should be on doing them progressively, correctly and at the right intensity, strengthening your lower body muscles so that they are balanced and strong. Strong muscles protect your joints, helping to keep you injury-free and maximizing your enjoyment of the activities you choose to engage in.

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