6-Minute Shoulder Burning Workout

Posted On Jun 9, 2015 By Joel Harper

6-Minute Shoulder Burning Workout

Got 6 minutes? Yes, is the only answer, because this shoulder workout is for you. It will evaporate calories, while you strengthen every angle of your shoulders. Plus it will cut up every muscle in your core. What does that translate into? An efficient use of your time and you'll be looking hot in your swimsuit.

Do this workout in the video below every 4th day for 16 days - that is only four workouts. I guarantee you will see and feel a big difference. Your goal is to burn to a number 10 each time you do it (1 equals I don't feel it at all and 10 means it is burning big time). Each time you will be able do it longer and longer, in turn building your mental and physical endurance.

All you need is a yoga mat or a soft surface to cushion your arm.

Throughout the workout make sure you do these:

  1. Abs pulled in throughout, as if you have a tight pair of jeans on.
  2. Maintain a straight line from the top of your head to your heels.
  3. Breath consistently and try to talk out loud with a normal voice, so if someone was in the other room they couldn't tell you were exercising.
  4. Keep your face relaxed. You want to move the tension out of your body, not anywhere else.

If you feel tightness in your back at any point during this workout, lift your tailbone up until it goes away, or stop and stretch your hips.

How did you feel after this workout? Were your shoulders burning? Let us know what you think in the comments below.