5 Ways to Save Your Feet

Posted On Sep 5, 2016 By Rachel Weingarten

5 Ways to Save Your Feet

There are loads of articles about the more gruesome side effects of running and extreme sports and the toll that it can take on your tootsies. This is not one such article. But as you move away from open toe shoes, now might be a great time to take stock of your summer worn feet and see how you can soften them up so you don't have "hobbit feet" all winter.

  1. Soak it Up

    Instead of jumping in the shower (please don't ever literally jump in the shower), consider taking a bath and really soaking your feet for a while. You can use a body scrub (or one made specifically for feet) to try to slough off the roughest spots.

  2. Scrape it Off

    If you have rough patches, consider using a pumice stone on calloused areas to start to tackle the worst bits.

  3. Add Some Oil

    Rub in a cuticle oil to keep cuticles soft and manageable.

  4. Moisturize Deeply

    I'm a big fan of moisturizers made specifically for your feet. And I'm an even bigger fan of using one nightly right before bed. Don't want to go slip sliding around the floor? Slather on some moisturizer and then put on a pair of fluffy socks on top to help with absorption overnight.

  5. Break Out the Heavy Artillery

    If your feet are beyond repair, try one of the acid based foot masks that are so popular (Baby Foot being the one that started the craze). Be aware though, that the peeling process can be incredibly gross and you won't want to show your feet in public for at least a week.

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