5 Ways to Increase Your Hope

Posted On Feb 3, 2015 By Joel Harper

5 Ways to Increase Your Hope

I believe hope is a very soothing feeling, and a sensation that can sadly get lost as we get older. Even if you haven't gotten jaded by life, you can never have enough hope. Take these 5 active steps to make a positive difference in your world:

  1. Look inside

    Ask yourself, “Am I a trustworthy person?” Hope is built on trust and honesty. You can't change the world, but you can change yourself. Now is the time to be responsible for what, and who, you are. What actions can you take today to become a more honest person?

  2. Say what you mean, and mean what you say

    I find there is a direct relationship with people who are straightforward and who are the most hopeful. Why? Because they have confidence in who and what they are, and that translates into a history of achieving what they want day-in and day-out.

  3. What do you hope for?

    Think of three things that you wish were true for you. Write them down on three separate notes. Be very specific, and post these on your bathroom mirror, desk, and refrigerator door, so that they remind you every time you see it.

  4. Visualize

    Visualize what you want. Close your eyes and again be very specific with all the details. Relax and feel hope percolate from deep down inside. Keep hope alive day-in and day-out. Trust.

  5. Expect

    Expect what you want to manifest. If you want something, and you are coming from the right place, then you deserve to receive it. I am not saying it is going to just pop into your life. You have to set out each day with determination to make it happen.

Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future. - Robert H. Schuller