5 Unexpected Benefits to Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Posted On Apr 30, 2014 By Bowflex Insider Team

How to develop a healthier lifestyle

Wellness and fitness have been more than a craze in the past few years, but there are still quite a few people who haven't jumped on the bandwagon just yet. Besides feeling amazing from the inside out, leading an active and healthy lifestyle can have some other unexpected results.

  1. New friends: Do you attend a gym at the same time every single day? Over time you will start to see the same faces around you during your workout and in the locker room afterwards. Be friendly and say, "Hello." This is the fastest way to make some new gym buddies who share the same passion for fitness. If you are training at home, you can gain support in groups over social media. Having a group to rely on for that extra push helps keep you motivated.
  2. Unexpected knowledge: The ability to distinguish between fiber-rich foods and junk may not come easy at first, but over time you will be able to naturally make healthy food choices without a second thought. If you count calories as part of your wellness journey, you may start to have the uncanny ability to state the number of calories in random foods. Once eating healthy becomes second nature, you learn to make better decisions when it comes to feeding your body.
  3. Self-confidence: Leading a healthier lifestyle can make your body and your mind feel great. Whether you're discovering that your muscles are starting to show in your favorite tank top, or you find that you have more thinking clarity during the workday, a healthy lifestyle can be a great catalyst for your confidence. When you start to see changes in the mirror, your confidence will skyrocket, leading you to continue on your journey!
  4. A good night's rest: When your mind and body are in sync, your sleep patterns will naturally improve. When you exert yourself during an intense workout, your body and muscles are extra tired and that helps you to fall asleep faster. And who doesn't like a few extra zzz's?
  5. More energy: We know that exercising requires you to exert energy, but did you know that exercise also helps you to have more energy? When you start living an active lifestyle your body begins to crave working out. You will all of a sudden *want* to work out every day! Once you get in the habit of moving your body, you gain more energy to keep it moving!

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