4 Basic Exercises that You can Turn into a HIIT Workout

Posted On Jun 2, 2016 By Tom Holland

4 Basic Exercises that You can Turn into a HIIT Workout

If you have a minimum amount of time to exercise yet want maximum results, HIIT is one of the solutions. High Intensity Interval Training, short bursts of intense exercise followed by periods of rest, really pushes the cardiovascular system into overdrive, torching calories both during the workout as well as after it has ended.

You can take four basic exercises like the push-up, squat, lunge, and jumps and turn them into a HIIT workout by simply making them into plyometric exercises. Adding this explosive element to the basic movement significantly increases your caloric expenditure and really challenges your muscles, a perfect combination of both cardio and strength. Here's how to modify the exercises:

Keep in mind, plyometric exercises are for the intermediate to advanced exerciser. Be sure you have an adequate strength base and can do the exercises on their own before adding the more challenging plyometric elements.

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