3 Tips to Visualize and Achieve Your Wildest Goals!

Posted On Jun 18, 2014 By Erin Kuh, MBA, RD

how to achieve your wildest goals

Notice the title doesn't say wildest "dreams." Dreams are usually something that never become reality. They're something we only imagine happening, but they stay stuck inside our minds and never come to fruition. Can your dreams become goals, goals you achieve rather than only visions you picture in your mind's eye?

See, breathe, taste and feel the finish line. "What?" you may be thinking. You've probably heard the phrase, "Seeing is believing." There's a little more to it than that when it comes to seeing yourself reaching your goal. But seeing is believing, and believing is achieving. In other words, visualize yourself reaching your ultimate goal, whatever it may be. Visualization can be a powerful tool in making behavioral changes and sticking with them. By playing out an action in our mind, we actually create our own life's movie and create confidence in ourselves that we can make it to the gym or make a healthy choice when eating out. The opposite is true as well. If you can't picture yourself achieving a goal, you won't.

Here's how you can use visualization to achieve your wildest goals:

  1. Start with your ultimate goal. See yourself wearing that outfit you've looked at longingly, walking confidently into your high school reunion, or being able to smile with genuine contentment and happiness when you look in the mirror.
  2. Break it into the smaller action steps. Having a lunch meeting at your favorite restaurant that has deliciously sinful chicken Alfredo and chocolate cheesecake? Picture yourself making a healthy choice and enjoying it. Not feeling energized for your after-work exercise class? Visualize yourself getting to the gym, doing your workout and feeling great.
  3. Include all five senses when you're visualizing to make the experience more realistic and increase your follow-through. If you're going for a walk or run, see yourself lacing up your tennis shoes, picturing things along your route and walking back through your front door after your workout is complete.

Do this every morning for 2-3 minutes and throughout the day when you need a boost of motivation. See where life takes you!