3 Habits to Develop for a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

Posted On Apr 18, 2014 By Vito La Fata

3 habits for health and happiness

There are only 3 steps you will ever need to take in order to do more, make more, achieve more every day of your life.

It took me years to discover these steps, but don't worry, I am happy to share them with you!

Habit #1: Small Focused Steps (Bites)

There is a popular saying: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Did you know that's the best success metaphor out there. You can achieve anything you dream of with small focused steps, or "bites" in this case.

Here's how. Decide what you want to get done. Let's say lose 40 pounds. That's your "elephant."

Now, break that down into tasks that need to get done. Maybe it's:

  1. Work out each day. Move more, burn more, lose more.
  2. Have breakfast every day, When you skip it, your metabolism is slow and your body is just packing fat away.
  3. Stretch each day. Has your back has always been bugging you and holding you back? If you can fix that, you can work out more.

Once you have that list of tasks, pick the No. 1 most important thing. That becomes your "one till done" task, which means you can't move on to other tasks until that one is done. Now break that one task down into what needs to be done in order to accomplish it:

Step 1: Buy meal replacement so you can mix up a quick shake in under 2 minutes to save time, but still get those healthy nutrients.

Step 2: Place it in the kitchen by your blender.

Step 3: Turn on coffee and start blending shake.

Step 4: Drink shake.

I know this sounds extremely simple, almost unnecessary. Resist the urge to write it off as "it can't be that simple." It is, and it can be.

Success Habit #2: Consistent Action. Do Sprint Work.

Now I don't mean sprint work as in running. But, I mean sprints as in focused sessions without distraction that you work on your "one till done" tasks. Sprints can be anywhere from 5-50 minutes. Science proves that our mind typically needs a 5-10 minute refresh after 45-50 minutes to get up and move, refocus.

Let's revisit our goal to lose 40 lbs. A daily sprint could be 25 minutes a day of exercise, followed by a 5 minute sprint of stretching.

Do this consistently and you are clocking in 30 minutes of consistent action toward your bigger goal of losing 40 lbs. If you can do this without being so fixated on the 40 lbs., before you know it, you're chopping that tree down.

Success Habit #3: Get Group Support.

Going it alone is lonely business. Our willpower is a limited resource in the brain. But, you can build it up over time, and while you are working on that resiliency, nothing beats having your feet held to the fire by friends who are on the same mission as you.

Surround yourself with like-minded people, and you have a system of accountability that can make the difference between temporary success and lifelong new habits. When I got into my mastermind groups, I found each year's financial success building on the other, and it's been the game-changing move.

Here are some tips on how to best use group support:

  1. Have a forum where you meet. We use Facebook closed groups for all our accountability groups.
  2. Participate 5 minutes/day at the very least.
  3. Comment on others posts – with simple thank yous.
  4. Offer helpful suggestions/coaching.

Habits work in a repeating loop for good or for bad. There is always a cue, followed by a developing routine and reward. You can see how this can be good and bad depending on what the habit is.

Bad Example: every time you go out for a drink with friends (cue) you need to light up a cigarette (routine) and then get the buzz off the cigarette (reward).

Good Example: pick up kids after school (cue), stop at gym for 30-minute workout (routine), lose 40 lbs. (reward).

As some parting thoughts, only try to make one small change at a time, too much at once is a recipe for failure. Work on your habits early in the morning when your willpower is at its highest (it depletes during the day as you make more choices) and whenever you can piggyback off existing good habits. This way you can feed off your existing willpower. Your willpower gets easier with time. And by all means don't beat yourself up if you fall off; this is a guilt-free zone. We've all had moments, just pick it right back up; you only need 5 minutes a day working on success and the consistency becomes an unstoppable force.

Build up enough good habits and you can realize any dream you have, seize any moment, control your fitness, finances and future!