3 Fashion Tips to Help You Beat the Heat

Posted On Jun 7, 2016 By Rachel Weingarten

3 Fashion Tips to Help You Beat the Heat

I am not a dainty sweater. While some women glisten and glow during even the hottest or most humid summer months, I turn tomato red and tend to overheat in a big way. Trust me, it isn't flattering. If you're having a hard time looking cool as a cucumber during the shvitzy season, consider trying these beauty tips on for size:

  • Slather Up — We all know about the importance of using a strong SPF during summer months, but did you know that you should reapply every 90 minutes or so to ensure that your skin is still protected? And while you're at it, pay attention to frequently neglected spots like the tops of your ears or back of your neck.
  • Cooler Creams — I'm an avid ingredients reader (you should be too!) and when I see a label marked as having ingredients like aloe, witch hazel or even cucumber, I know that they'll have a cooling effect on my skin as well.
  • Mesh to Impress — A few years back I bought a really cute top that was meant to be worn when playing golf. The entire area under the arm had a micro mesh that didn't just add style, it also added a way for air to come through. If you have a hard time with sweaty patches, try looking for tops made for sports—golf and tennis tops or even skirts are made of more breathable fabric than regular daily t-shirts.

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