10 of Our Favorite Health and Fitness Blogs

Posted On Apr 16, 2014 By Bowflex Insider Team

Bowflex Insider top 10 health and fitness bloggers

Taking the solo approach to reach your health and fitness goals may work for some, but it doesn't hurt to call in a little backup when you need it. Chances are whatever you're sweating about, figuratively and literally, someone else has too and blogged about it online. Whether the aim is an improved deadlift technique, tips to shed a few pounds or simple advice on being one in both body and mind, the answers are out there. So, believing that knowledge is power, here's a list of 10 of our favorite health and fitness blogs who strive to put more life into your lifestyle.

  • FitBottomedGirls: Don't be dissuaded by the blog title. While the site's primary focus is practical fitness tips for real women and girls, the trendy content is both diverse and relevant to all groups.

Fit Bottomed Girl Home Page- Fitness Blog

  • Tony Gentilcore: For those that don't like being bogged down with a lot of material at once, Tony's site teaches the ultimate lesson in easily digestible content. In addition to pulling in a swarm of fitness experts to weigh in on his blog, Tony's "daily tip" formula and witty prose keep readers coming back for more.

Tony Gentlecore Fitness blog homepage

  • Breaking Muscle: Then there's the "kid in the candy store" demographic who want a little bit of everything. If that's you, then Breaking Muscle is a site definitely worth checking out. Even if you're not big on weightlifting, there are plenty of other topics to cultivate your interest including a host of product reviews and workout regimens specifically designed for your fitness level.

Breaking Muscle fitness blog homepage

  • Blogilates: "Train like a beast, look like a beauty." It doesn't get more straightforward than that. While intensely dedicated to healthy eating, meal plans and hyper-specific workout videos, Cassey Ho of blogilates.com puts the fun in staying fit with her wealth of energy and expertise.

Blogilates fitness blog homepage

  • Fitsugar: Fitsugar keeps your best interests in mind whether you're in the gym, at home or stuck at your desk. Call it a smorgasbord of everything relevant to maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul, and you only scratch the surface of Fitsugar's content.

FitSugar fitness blog homepage

  • Fit & Fab Living (Running with Mascara): If you're looking for a little more beyond Paleo diets and fitness trends, Fit & Fab has you covered. The site also explores unique approaches to health-like tips to detoxing your hair, spring superfoods and 10 ways to be happier every day.

Fit and fab living fitness and health blog homepage

  • Greatist: Expert commentary from an army of certified professionals in the health and fitness industry paired with practical information for everyone.

Greatist fitness and health blog homepage

  • Runner's World: Extreme endurance athlete and best-selling author Dean Karnazes dishes on the world of ultra-running and everything under the sun concerning those who live to lace up and pound the pavement.

Runner's World fitness blog homepage

  • Mobility/WOD: Preventive maintenance, resolving pain and maximizing your athletic potential are the core principles of Mobility/WOD. The site includes dozens of free videos designed with your body in mind. There is also an optional subscription feature which gives you access to live webinars and more.

Mobility Wod fitness blog homepage

  • The Art of Manliness: For the men among men, The Art of Manliness is a step-by-step guide to becoming a 21st century renaissance man. Not only does this blog give you the inside scoop on everything strength- and endurance-related, you can also learn about shaving with a straight razor, advancing your career, improving relationships and jump-starting a car.

The Art of Manliness fitness and health blog homepage