10 of Our Favorite Health and Fitness Blogs: Part II

Posted On May 30, 2014 By Bowflex Insider Team

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For Part II of our favorite blogs, we thought we would highlight our favorite 10 bloggers who are also certified fitness instructors. These writers add their own spin to each blog, with a wide variety of personalities from moms to Star Wars nerds — you'll find it all!

If you haven't already, check out Part I of our 10 favorite health and fitness blogs. You can find it here.

1. The BuiltLean Report: Marc Perry is a personal trainer and nutritionist who is the mastermind behind the successful 8-Week BuiltLean Program. His passion to help people live a healthier lifestyle is clear in his blog, which features a variety of topics from a cauliflower mashed potato recipe to supplements and high-intensity interval training workouts.

The BuiltLean Report fitness blog


2. Fitnessista: If you are looking for a blog that covers healthy recipes, fashion and fitness, then Gina Harney's blog is for you. This personal trainer and military wife shares plenty of free and effective exercises for her readers, including the Party Animal Ab Workouts and the Six Pack in a Sweater.

Fitnessista fitness blog


3. Roman Fitness Systems Blog: John Romaniello is a personal trainer, coach and author who isn't afraid to provide a different type of blog experience to his readers. While he offers valuable tips on fitness and health, he takes a different approach, such as his blog post "12 Training Strategies I've Shamelessly Stolen From My Friends in The Fitness Industry."

Roman Fitness Systems Blog


4. Fit2FLEX: Carissa and Kyle are a married duo of personal trainers offering tips for working out, running and racing — not to mention healthy recipes. Their posts range from specific nutrition tips to speed work for a 5k.

Fit2FLEX fitness blog


5. Peanut Butter Runner: Jen does it all. As a certified NASM personal trainer, group exercise instructor, CrossFit coach and yoga teacher, she blogs about everything from general fitness to career development — and don't forget her golden retriever, Sullie!

Peanut Butter Runner fitness blog


6. Rog Law Fitness- The Art of Sexification: This is not your typical fitness blog. It's all about your goal and feeling amazing in your own skin. The posts are centered on doing just that, from diet to life advice from a homeless man.

Rog Law Fitness- The Art of Sexification


7. Cathe's Blog: Fitness instructor Cathe Friedrich is a pioneer in creating fitness videos that are affordable and for all fitness levels. Her blog is a great source to find answers regarding popular fitness questions.

Cathe's Blog fitness blog


8. I Think I Can Fitness: This blog offers the expertise of six trainers in one! The real point is that anyone can be fit. From body guides to staying active throughout the day, this site offers a wide variety of everything for a fit lifestyle.

I think I can fitness blog


9. End Of Three Fitness: Jerred Moon calls himself unconventional in life — just like with his tips and thoughts on fitness. He formulates his opinion around the science of exercise, with a little bit of humor added in.

End of three fitness blog