10 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Child Now

Posted On Mar 15, 2017 By BowFlex Insider Team

10 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Child Now

By guest blogger Tara of SassNSpunk.

As parents, we all want what is best for our kids. We know that the habits we teach them now will stick with them for life, but how do you know which habits to focus on for your child? Starting healthy habits early will put them on the right path to leading a successful and healthy life.

  1. Get outside more.

    Spending time outside is great for physical and mental health. Outside offers green spaces, fresh air and plenty of things to do that challenge the body. Turn off the television and send your child out to ride bikes, play at the park and have fun like we did when we were young.

  2. Put the screen down.

    Kids and adults are spending more time in front of screens and less time being active or spending time with friends and family. Have you ever been at a restaurant and seen an entire table of people staring at their phones instead of having a conversation? By cutting screen time, your child will find time for things like family time and connecting with the people around them.

  3. Stretching is vital to good health.

    When active kids do not stretch, they put themselves at risk of injury while out playing. Teach them to stretch gently before and after exercise to prevent this.

  4. Find time to just relax.

    In today’s world, we are going all the time. Being busy is sometimes viewed as a symbol of success, but it can be very damaging in the long run. Teach your child the habit of finding down time to relax and recuperate now, so they know how to prevent getting overwhelmed as more is expected of them.

  5. Drink more water.

    Water is important to our health but the average person does not drink nearly enough. By teaching them to choose water over juice or soda, this habit will give your child a tool for staying healthy over the years to come.

  6. Brush teeth more often.

    Kids can commonly forget (or avoid) this one, and we don't always want to fight them over it. If you teach them to create a habit out of brushing their teeth 2-3 times a day, you won't have to keep nagging and it will save them from a lot of dental issues as they age.

  7. Eat and enjoy their vegetables.

    So often we grow into adulthood without gaining an appreciation for our vegetables. Teach your child to cook vegetables in different ways until they find one that works for them.

  8. Read for enjoyment.

    Reading is key to discovering the world one page at a time. When your child needs a break from the realities of the world, they can find an escape under the covers into a world of imagination until they are ready to face life.

  9. Cook and eat whole foods.

    When we give children the ability to cook, we give them the power to care for themselves and avoid processed food addiction. We take away the power of the drive thru and even teach them how to save money.

  10. Start the day out right by eating a healthy breakfast.

    Breakfast helps wake the body up and get going. By eating healthy each morning, your child’s body will be fueled with everything it needs to thrive, learn and grow.

Tara is the owner and publisher of the Atlanta-based lifestyle and family blog, SassNSpunk. As a busy work at home mom (WAHM) of two, she is always looking for ways to get her family active and take them on new adventures.

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